How Does This Work?

BLST is used in exchange for adspace by sending tokens to the BLST token smart contract. This will allow you to click the “create adspace” button upon verification that your connected wallet has spent the BLST tokens.

5% of all spent tokens used for purchasing adpsace or promoting adspaces are burnt (removed from supply permanently).

Fill in the ad template, which gets sent through a short approval process.

Once your ad space is approved you can view and manage it with an image of the token, the tokenomics, a link to all current exchanges, and a small summary. 

Whats the Point? will be marketed to large targeted traffic from premium users who are relevant to the Cryptocurrency space. This means a more engaged user base and following.

Major social media sites are banning or censoring some cryptocurrency subject matter. Our sole vetting protocol is a legitimacy verification process. provides reliable marketing that can be managed in one single location

Ad management is trust-less and performed through smart contract. provides the opportunity to build up your own image without relying on paid advertisers, positively impacting the social perception of your project.